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- Licensed Unarmed Officer/Foot patrol
State Licensed Unarmed Officer with training and skills in personal protection, and communication procedures.  Primarily used for Commercial Property, Fair Grounds, and Residential Protection (i.e., warehouses, apartment complexes, private communities, labor disputes, employee strikes, concerts, and private events).
*There is a minimum four-hour commitment.

- Licensed Unarmed Officer with Patrol Vehicle
State Licensed Unarmed Officer with training and skills in personal protection, and communication procedures.   Primarily used for Commercial Property and Residential Protection i.e. Warehouses, Apartments Private Communities, Private Events i.e. Parties, Board Meetings, Assemblies etc., Churches, and Crowd Control i.e. Labor Disputes, Employee Strikes, Concerts

- Licensed Armed Officer/ Foot patrol
A State Licensed armed officer with the highest level of training and skills.  Armed Officers specialize in VIP Protection, Jewelry Stores, Strikes, Sporting Events, Hotel Meetings, VIP Parties, Warehouses, Construction Sites, Seasonal Plants, Residential Security, Banks and Transporting Money.
*There is a minimum four-hour commitment.

- Licensed Armed Officer with Patrol Vehicle
A State Licensed, armed security officer, with the highest level of training to ensure the best service possible for our clients. They will be assigned a marked car that is equipped with reliable radio communication, Police/Fire/EMS scanner, and an available Internet connection. That type of service is primarily used for commercial, Residential Protection, Warehouses, Construction Sites, Parking areas and Transporting money

-  Patrol Vehicle Services
A State Licensed armed AND unarmed fully equipped security officers with a marked company vehicle. The officers will conduct patrol checks throughout their shift seven days a week. This type of service is primarily used for apartment communities, commercial malls, warehouses for night time security with unlimited alarm response in the event of an emergency.


The uniform will consist of a company-approved shirt with identifiable shoulder patches with a gold nameplate and company-issued badge clearly identifying the person as an employee of ARMANI SECURITY AND INVESTIGATION.

  1. Company Uniform will be black and consist of:
    1. Black uniform shirt with shoulder patches on each arm.
    2. Uniform pants, Tactical or BDU type pants (pressed).
    3. Gold whistle w/ chain.
    4. Black military footwear.
  1. Duty Belt. The duty belt can be either made of nylon or leather and will be kept in order.  It will consist of:
    1. Duty holster (if armed).
    2. Handcuff case w/ handcuffs.
    3. Radio holder w/ radio.
    4. Chemical agent.
    5. Expandable Baton
  2. Company issued identification badge will have company name, logo, identification number and title.
  3. Name plate will be gold plated and will be worn above right shirt pocket.
  4. State licenses will be kept in pocket and available for inspection by the state and law enforcement.
  5. Optional items will be available:
    1. Ball cap w/ Badge on its crown identifying its wearer as security officers and employees of ARMANI SECURITY AND INVESTIGATION.
    2. Light or Heavy jacket w/ shoulder patches during cooler and winter season.
    3. For Special events a long sleeve shirt and tie will be made available.

Radio/Computer Equipment/Additional Vehicle Equipment:

Officers will be issued state of the art radios, which are very reliable and used by local law enforcement agencies throughout the state. Our radio service is provided through Cooks Communication. 

PROUDLY PROVIDING SERVICES FOR:  Private organizations, government entities, hospitals, airports, construction sites, casinos, and many more. Armani Security specializes in the protection of dignitaries. Our security personnel are trained in mixed martial arts such as Krav Maga, Brazilian Jujitsu, and boxing. Our company performs extensive background checks on each bodyguard before hiring. The background check includes personal history, criminal history, and previous work experience.

Our bodyguards are also well-versed in the usage of special weapons and tactics, and have received extensive anti-terrorism training. They are very discreet; meaning that only the person they are protecting will be aware of them. This allows for the protected person to go about their daily routine and business practices without interruption.

During the event that an incident and/or crime occurs, our company will conduct a thorough investigation. If it is determined that a crime has occurred, our company will immediately notify local law-enforcement and work in partnership with them to solve the crime.

Armani Security has an extensive background and knowledge with both personal surveillance and surveillance monitoring systems. We have the capability to provide 24/7 audio and video monitoring. The monitoring can also be viewed in real time by pre-authorized company personnel. All video and audio surveillance is stored on a cloud – based system, and the footage is available for six months.  Footage that is six months or newer can be downloaded at any time and saved on a flash drive or sent to authorized personnel via email

Security Guards

  • Armed Security Guard
  • Unarmed Security Guard
  • Private body guard
  • Standing guard
  • Vehicular patrol

Event Security

  • Private parties
  • Celebrity events
  • Royal family events
  • High Holiday security

Security Systems

  • Security camera installation
  • On-site and offsite monitoring of security cameras
  • Alarms

Other Services

  • Vehicular Patrol
  • Business & residential security
  • Private Investigators including Attorney's court cases
  • K-9