Armed and Unarmed Vehicle Patrol

Mobile security patrol is one of the main services that we provide. You determine your security needs and we will inspect your premises by vehicle and foot at the critical hours and protect against intruders and other potential threats. Our highly visible presence at your location helps to deter criminal activities, protect your physical facility from harm, and promote a safe environment for you and for your staff, as well as your customers and the surrounding community. Should an incident happen to arise, our trained guards will appropriately handle the situation and contact the proper authorities. Mobile patrol is the fantastic way to secure your business and proves to be a cost-effective option to our more extensive on-site guard service.

Licensed Armed/ unarmed Officer with Patrol Vehicle:

A State Licensed, armed and unarmed security officers, with the highest level of training to ensure the best service possible for our clients. They will be assigned a marked equipped vehicle with a reliable radio communication, Police/Fire/EMS scanner, and an available Internet connection.

Armani security and investigation fully equipped security officers with a marked company vehicles. Our security officers will conduct patrol checks throughout their shift 24/7. This type of service is primarily used for:

  • Residential, apartments buildings and gated communities
  • Commercial buildings, hospitals, hotels and churches
  • Construction Sites and Industrial areas
  • Commercial public parking, city and municipals

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