K9 Patrol Unit

Armani K9 Partners, work alongside our security officers, in the back of our Patrol vehicles. They are proven to be even more effective deterrent against crime, than an officer alone. Our K9s are used to track human scent, and are frequently used in a traditional way to track persons evading officers, lost and missing people, and investigating suspicious activities of people after they have left the area. Also, criminals tend to go the other way when they see our Officer with a K9.

Our K9s are highly trained sociable and respond well to the handler’s every command.

They utilize the scent left by a person, and crushed vegetation odors to track. However, the K9 Unit also utilizes tracking to apprehend poachers by tracking them from the scene our residence. Or by tracking fishermen who may be fishing out of view in closed areas.

Armani K9 Job Duties

Armani Security and Investigation have already mentioned some of the general responsibilities for K9 officers and their canines.

Below are some of specific duties performed by Armani K9 officers:

Discover illicit drugs, explosives, chemicals and other illegal substances

  • Find and rescue individuals that are missing or have been kidnapped
  • Discover cadavers
  • Locate evidence from crime scenes
  • Inspect vehicles
  • Deter criminals
  • Identify people who have carrying or have been in contact with illegal drugs and controlled substances

Armani k9 officers have many mundane duties. They are required to cleaning out their dog's kennel, perform routine searches of prisons, jails, public facilities (schools and recreation areas), and vehicles. Our K9 officers are on call 24 hours a day, and they are ready to travel on short notice.

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